Caley Adams
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A subtle, sophisticated shopping experience for a premium fashion brand.

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High-end fashion house The Row needed concepts for integrating online shopping into their platform. The most careful consideration for the project was to introduce shopping in a way that felt subtle, sophisticated, and premium so as to not cheapen the brand in any way. In addition, customers of The Row often shop in a highly personal way by appointment and the brand didn't want to lose that feeling of intimacy while shopping. It was imperative for online customers to be able to feel like they're really spent time with the product (picked it up, moved it around, studied it) before buying.


In order to maintain the integrity of the branding, traditional GUI elements that felt overly-techy (drop shadows, rounded buttons, stylized close buttons, etc.) were intentionally avoided. Since their average customer cares little about traditional e-commerce things like ratings, product name or even price, the product imagery was always shown in a clean, minimal way. To keep that highly intimate feeling to the shopping experience, a robust PDP page was built out with tabs for customers to explore the product in-depth. These sections invited the user to perform unique interactions such as click & drag a 3D model of the product to move it around digitally, or click and drag a slider to see how the product ages over time.



Interaction Design


User Experience Design

User Interface Design

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