Caley Adams

Logo & Brand Identity system for a popular seafood restaurant in Chelsea Market in Manhattan.



The owners of the popular NYC seafood market The Lobster Place were looking to open a new restaurant in Chelsea Market, directly next to their seafood market. The restaurant wanted to become the primary destination for ultra-fresh seafood. The dishes they serve on a daily basis are typically caught in the morning in Maine and then driven to NYC that same day to serve. They wanted a restaurant branding that was the right mix of premium/gastropub and down to earth/simple. This no-frills approach reflected the quality of the dishes — they wanted the freshness of the fish to speak for itself in a plain, pure and unfiltered way. 


The logo and brand identity was influenced by the NYC fishing industry, drawing inspiration from the rivets, machinery and docks of Chelsea Piers. The logo was given a worn, textured crackle effect to look established and old-world while also feeling unfussy. The color palette was also inspired by this industrial theme and colors such as dark grays, browns, and rusty reds were used in supporting collateral. Stamps were created with the logo and mark so collateral could easily be produced and printed without much printing effort, which also gave it an easy-going, no-frills feel. Printed material was often printed on kraft paper or card stock to feel utilitarian, purposeful and simple.



Packaging Design

Brand Collateral

Logo & Brand Identity

Brand Consulting & Strategy

Interior Design Art Direction

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Process imagery & INSPIRATION


The logo itself is a custom typeface, built off the foundation of a classic NYC typeface from the industrial era.

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Hints of heritage and an old-world-meets-new-world feel for the physical space

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