Caley Adams
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An online destination for a new ultra-luxury building in Manhattan's West Side

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The developers of 540 West, a new, ultra-luxury apartment building on Manhattan's west side, were looking to build out an online site that could showcase the property, its amenities and select units for prospective buyers. Since the building was being constructed in an up-and-coming neighborhood, they wanted the site to feel trendy, contemporary and cutting-edge instead of stuffy and expensive like many luxury properties near the park. Rather than selling wealth to their buyers, they wanted to sell taste and modernity. 


The site was designed to feel immersive and premium by leveraging the glossy, sleek artist renderings of the building and using them in oversized ways. A heavy gothic typeface was then used as another main motif of the site, often calling out main features in a spaced-out, avant-garde style overlaid onto building images. To keep the site feeling premium, we relied heavily on imagery and kept text and information to a minimum, creating a little mystery while also driving people to contact the sales office for more information. 



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User Experience Design

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